Office of Student Engagement

Office of Student Engagement

What does the Office of Student Engagement do?

At Penn State DuBois, the Office of Student Engagement provides co-curricular experiences to students. Co-curricular refers to the programs and activities that are offered outside of - but are connected to - the formal classroom experience. These programs also help students make a better connection to the campus and  university…and  ultimately lead to stronger academic records and a greater sense of overall satisfaction with their university experience.



Why is it important?

Being involved outside of the classroom is valuable for students for several reasons.

  • Get connected! Students that make connections are more likely to graduate!

  • It’s fun! Let's not underestimate having fun! While a student's first priority must be their academic work, we recognize that a large part of the educational process that happens on a university campus involves students' lives outside of the classroom. Penn State's academics are hard work. Finding positive outlets to unwind and relieve stress are important. You will need time to relax and enjoy the social side of campus life - and that is where programming from the Office of Student Engagement comes in.
  • It’s a “value-added” experience, which complements your formal in class education. Not only will you acquire knowledge in the classroom but also outside of it. We offer a variety of programs that will actually complement or build off of what you are learning in the classroom by collaborating with faculty on campus.
  • Learn skills that will be valuable throughout your lifetime…such as communication skills, problem solving skills, leadership  development, teamwork, appreciation of differences, etc. Your engagement in student activities through the campus allow for you to learn skills that will be valuable to you throughout your lifetime - both in your work-related or career life as well as your personal life. Students involved in Student Government and/or clubs have an opportunity to develop communications skills and improve their problem-solving and decision making skills; students involved in leadership development programming have an opportunity to develop such skills as how to lead successful meetings, resolve conflicts amicably and discuss the issue of ethical leadership. Students involved in volunteer opportunities and/or athletic competition learn about teamwork and dedication to a task, while ideas such as understanding differences and valuing individuality are thread throughout the Office of Student Engagement's programming opportunities.
  • Career-based connections…people-related skills…networking opportunities and great resume enhancers! Finally, when the time comes to leave the university and embark on your given career choice, programs such as those offered through Career Series (in conjunction with the Office of Student Engagement) as well as the areas mentioned above will help you to be successful in the career area you have chosen. Business and industry today value employees that can be productive members of work teams, and who bring a broad-based experience to the work place. The skills you can develop through participation in aforementioned experiences - in particular the "people-related skills" or "life skills" - will serve you well in the years to come.


Alternative Spring Break - March 2016 - Navajo Nation, AZ


What types of experiences are offered?

At Penn State DuBois, we realize that there is more to your education and college experience than what you learn in the classroom. For that reason, we offer a variety of experiences for you to engage in.


  • Student Activities - special events such as dances, comedians, cultural programs, concerts, speakers, family programming, cultural exchange luncheon series, movie series and much more! Join the Campus Activities Board and help plan and execute these events!
  • Community Service …lots of opportunities to volunteer in the local community, MLK Day of Service, Community Outreach at New Student Orientation, as well as take part in the Alternative Spring Break trip.
  • Leadership Development …including STAR  (Leadership Series), Orientation Leader, Student Government Association, Leadership Conference opportunities, etc. The Student Government Association represents students concerns and works closely with campus administration to help ensure a high quality experience for all students.
  • Student Clubs and Organizations …over 18+ groups including academic-based clubs (Occupational Therapy Club, Delta Mu Sigma Honors Society, etc.) and special interest groups (Blue and White Society, The Wildlife Society, IT Club and much more!
  • Cultural, Performing Arts, and Lecture Series …a wide variety of daytime and evening events open to both the campus and local community.
  • Special Offers to PSU DuBois Students:
    • Movie Ticket Discounts – Buy AMC Theatre tickets at a discounted rate
    • ID Discount Program – Save $ at over 170 area businesses by showing your PSU DuBois ID
    • Newspaper Readership Program – From special vending machines on campus, students use their PSU DuBois ID to access the local Courier-Express, USA Today and the New York Times daily— Monday – Friday during the semester
  • New Student Orientation - recognizing that each student transitions to the campus in their own unique way, New Student Orientation programming focuses on orientation as a process rather than an event. New Student Orientation programming, offered for all new students yearly, offers special sessions for all segments of the campus population (traditional aged, adults, high school students enrolled at the campus, etc.) during the summer months as well as during the fall and spring semesters.