Campus Directory - Faculty

Name Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Neyda Abreu
Associate Professor of Geoscience and Mathematics, Mathematics
Swift Building, Room 240 (814) 372-3006
Robert Anderson
Lecturer, Arts and Humanities
Jacquelyn Atkins
Assistant Teaching Professor, English
Smeal Building, Room 180 (814) 375-4815
F. Bell
Lecturer, Business Law and Economics
David Bish
Assistant Teaching Professor, Administration of Justice
Smeal Building, Room 174 (814) 372-3014
Richard Brazier
Associate Professor, Geoscience
Associate Professor, Math
Laurie Breakey
Assistant Teaching Professor, Business Administration
Smeal Building, Room 171 (814) 375-4800
Vibhor Chaswal
Assistant Teaching Professor, Engineering
DEF Building, Room 110H (814) 375-4708
Jessica Clontz
Lecturer, Health and Human Development
Swift Building, Room 235 (814) 375-4833
Aliza P Davner
Lecturer of English, Communication Arts
Smeal Building, Room 175 (814) 375-4770
Luann Demi
Assistant Teaching Professor, Occupational Therapy
OTA Program Director, Occupational Therapy
OT House (814) 375-4748
Marly Doty
Lecturer, Human Development and Family Studies
Swift Building, Room 232 (814) 375-4819
Faisal El-Awar
Lecturer, Science
DEF Building, Room 110A
Amy Fatula
Lecturer, Occupational Therapy
OT House (814) 375-4801
Stephen Feldbauer
Lecturer, Engineering
DEF Building, Room 110G (814) 375-4845
Mary Beth Geppert
Lecturer, English
Smeal Building, Room 187
Deborah Gill
Associate Professor, Arts and Humanities
Swift Building, Room 220 (814) 375-4783
Neil Hanes
Lecturer, Management
DEF Building, Room 102F (814) 375-4857
Maureen Horan
Lecturer, Kinesiology
Multi Purpose Building, Room 006 (814) 375-4829
Arshad Khan
Professor of Chemistry, Science
Swift Building, Room 237 (814) 375-4744