Campus Advisors

Campus Advisors

Advising Center Staff

Terry Hinton, DUS Coordinator

Sarah Raybuck, Academic Advisor

Faculty Advisors

Jackie Atkins, Senior Instructor in English

David Bish, Instructor in Administration of Justice

Laurie Breakey, Senior Instructor in Business Administration

LuAnn Demi, Instructor, Campus Coordinator OT Program

Amy Fatula, Instructor OT Program

Deborah Gill, Associate Professor of Spanish

  • Faculty Program Leader for Letters, Arts & Sciences
  • (814)375-4783
  • Swift Building, Room 220

Arshad Khan, Professor of Chemistry

James Kuterbach, Instructor in HD FS

Robert Loeb, Associate Professor of Forestry/Biology

Jason Long, Instructor of IST, Campus Coordinator IST Program

Douglas Miller, Instructor in Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Annette Muth, Instructor in Business Administration

Byron Parizek, Assistant Professor of Math/Geoscience

Heather Parizek, Instructor, Math/Geoscience

Keely Roen, Instructor in Wildlife Technology

Lola Smith,  Instructor in Biology

Fred Terwilliger, Instructor in IST

Emily Thomas, Instructor in Wildlife

John Tolle, Instructor in Mathematics

Anthony Vallone, Associate Professor of English

Evelyn Wamboye, Associate Professor of Economics

Daudi Waryoba, Assistant Professor of Engineering

Pingjuan Werner, Professor of Engineering