Entrance to Major

Entrance to Major

Students not yet assigned to majors are included in the entrance-to-major process (ETM) during the spring of their sophomore year. Students included in this pool are notified by E-mail and also informed to log on to eLion. It is important that students "confirm" their three major preferences within the time period provided in the E-mail message. All colleges except Arts and Architecture participate in this process.

College Decisions

Once the deadline for confirmations has passed in early spring, the colleges review the student requests. They determine if the student has met the major-entrance requirements before approving the student into one of the student's major preferences. Students in the current spring student pool who have confirmed their major preferences are included in this decision process.

Students receive E-mail notifying them of the college's decision and the campus location for the degree. Students receiving approval are assigned to majors effective for the next semester of enrollment.

Entrance to Major Requirements (listed by college)

Click on the names of the colleges to learn the entrance requirements for their degree programs. Some of the college information gives links to further information available on the Web.

Entrance to Majors