Keely Roen

Keely Roen
Associate Teaching Professor, Wildlife Technology
Program Coordinator, Wildlife Technology
Faculty Advisor, Faculty Advisors
Smeal Building, 48 B
Penn State DuBois
1 College Place
DuBois PA 15801

Ms. Roen earned her BA in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania and her MS in Ecology from Penn State. She is an assistant teaching professor in Wildlife Technology at Penn State DuBois where she has been teaching for 17 years. Ms. Roen is the College of Agriculture representative and the Penn's Woods Sustainability Fellow to the DuBois campus. She also serves on the Pennsylvania Mammal Technical Committee which provides scientific guidance to the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Ms. Roen was recent elected membership coordinator for the Pennsylvania Chapter of the Wildlife Society. Before joining the Wildlife Technology department, she worked on the field, laboratory, and office side of natural resource management as an environmental consultant, a laboratory technician, and as a data specialist for the National Park Service.

Case-based learning in science, feeding behavior of scavengers; animal behavior; human-wildlife conflict; environmental education

5 publications in peer-reviewed journals, 1 publication in a peer-reviewed collection of online case studies, 1 published database, multiple posters and conference presentations

BA, Biology - University of Pennsylvania

MS, Ecology - Penn State