Pennsylvania Wildlife Habitat Unlimited contributes to scholarship

This year's recipients of the PWHU Scholarship.

Chelby Sherwood and Alec Baker, pictured in front, are the recipients of this year's Pennsylvania Wildlife Habitat Unlimited Scholarship. In back, left to right, are Penn State DuBois Financial Aid Coordinator Stefanie Penvose and Director of Development Jean Wolf, with PWHU representatives Beth Giese and Marcia Newell.

Credit: Steve Harmic

DUBOIS, Pa. — Members of Pennsylvania Wildlife Habitat Unlimited recently made their annual $3,000 contribution to the organization's scholarship fund at Penn State DuBois. Pennsylvania Wildlife Habitat Unlimited representatives Beth Giese and Marcia Newell also had the chance to meet with scholarship recipients Chelby Sherwood and Alec Baker.

Established in 2001, the Pennsylvania Wildlife Habitat Unlimited Scholarship provides financial assistance to outstanding undergraduate students enrolled in the Wildlife Technology program at Penn State DuBois.

Most graduates of the Wildlife Technology degree program go on to work in conservation-oriented fields. They conduct research aimed at preserving the environment and animal and plant species, work to reclaim land damaged my mining or deforestation, and more.

Pennsylvania Wildlife Habitat Unlimited is a nonprofit, volunteer organization based in DuBois. They are made up of local outdoors enthusiasts, environmentalists, and sportsmen and sportswomen. According to Pennsylvania Wildlife Habitat Unlimited members, the organization was created in 1985 with the sole purpose of improving and creating wildlife habitat. Members create environmental awareness through education and club-sponsored projects, working to help sustain all forms of wildlife.