Faculty and staff recognized for length of service at Penn State DuBois

Members of the faculty and staff at Penn State DuBois who were recognized for their length of service to the campus at a special luncheon

Members of the faculty and staff at Penn State DuBois were recognized for their length of service to the campus at a special luncheon.

Credit: Penn State

DuBOIS, Pa. — Several members of the faculty and staff at Penn State DuBois were recently recognized for their service to the campus. At a special luncheon held on campus, those members whose years of employment reached five-year milestones were honored.

Jungwoo Ryoo, chancellor and chief academic officer, began by expressing his gratitude for everyone’s dedication to the campus and helping to build a tight-knit community. This sentiment was echoed by numerous individuals who were being recognized for their years of service. Other fond memories and experiences were shared as well.

“My favorite thing about Penn State is walking into a room and being surrounded by brilliant and caring people,” Colleen Lanzoni, campus counselor, said. “When I first started and realized that everyone was truly invested and no one scoffed at that, this was not going to be a job. It was a place for flourishing and growth. And five years later, I feel the exact same way.”

“I love being able to share tips, tricks and insights with students,” said Brian Tokarcik, technician for IST. “I get to see so many of them grow from students right our of high school to becoming IT professionals.”

“I literally grew up here,” said Rebecca Pennington, director of student affairs. “I started here when I was 21 years old and my entire life has been here. I was married while working here, I finished my master’s degree while working here, my babies were born while working here, and now my oldest baby is taking classes here. I am truly grateful for this place.”

“My regret, not joining the Penn State DuBois family sooner,” Laura Pentz, assistant to the chancellor, said.

The individuals recognized this year were:

  • Aliza Davner, lecturer in English – five years
  • Jeff Gibson, tech services personnel – five years
  • Fred Groh, adjunct lecturer in earth sciences – five years
  • Colleen Lanzoni, campus counselor – five years
  • Brad Lashinsky, NCPA LaunchBox program director and lecturer in business administration – five years
  • Amila Madiligama, assistant teaching professor in physics – five years
  • Dan Smay, assistant athletic director – five years
  • Ann Whyte, administrative assistant in student affairs – five years
  • Justin Fitzpatrick, information technology specialist – 10 years
  • Amity Maines, administrative assistant in academic affairs – 10 years
  • Laura Pentz, assistant to the chancellor – 15 years
  • Glenn Rishel, research technician for engineering – 15 years
  • Craig Stringer, adjunct lecturer in engineering – 15 years
  • John Tolle, associate teaching professor in mathematics – 15 years
  • Jean Wolf, director of campus development – 15 years
  • Brian Tokarcik, technician for IST – 20 years
  • Rebecca Pennington, director of student affairs – 25 years
  • Barbara Reinard, associate teaching professor and program coordinator for physical therapist assistant program – 25 years
  • Diane Spradling, assistant teaching professor in business administration – 25 years