Penn State DuBois announces dancers for THON 2024, donors for hair auction

Penn State DuBois students Abigail Morgo, Madee Finalle, Rachel Allegretto and Ella Wilson, who will represent the campus at THON 2024.

From left, Penn State DuBois students Abigail Morgo, Madee Finalle, Rachel Allegretto and Ella Wilson will represent the campus at THON 2024.

Credit: Penn State

DuBOIS, Pa. — Penn State DuBois is excited to announce the students that will represent the campus at THON 2024. The four students are:

  • Rachel Allegretto, fourth-year student from Force
  • Abigial Morgo, second-year student from Clarion
  • Madee Finalle, second-year student from DuBois
  • Ella Wilson, first-year student from DuBois

The four students will head to University Park to take part in THON Weekend, which includes the 46-hour, no-sitting, no-sleeping dance marathon, Feb. 16-18 at the Bryce Jordan Center.

Prior to their departure, all members of the community are invited to help support the efforts of THON by attending the dancer send-off dinner and hair auction. This is a great opportunity for the entire campus community to wish the dancers well and give them a final fundraising push before the big THON weekend. The dinner and hair auction will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 7 at 6 p.m.

The highly anticipated hair auction will see seven participants brave the chair and lose some hair, all for a great cause. The Beauty Bar in DuBois will again be donating their professional skills to help take off the donated hair, all for the THON cause.

Rachel Allegretto, current Penn State DuBois student, THON Chair and a dancer for this year’s event will donate up to four inches of hair at $250 for each inch.

Haley Rummel, Penn State DuBois alumna, current campus employee and former THON Chair has set her goal at $300 for up to five inches, plus another $500 for curtain bangs.

Grace Rummel will donate up to six inches of hair at $250 per inch, plus another $500 for her bangs.

Harper Mcneel, a local kindergartner who comes from a big family of THON supports, is prepared to donate up to nine and a half inches of hair at $200 per inch.

Jalen Kosko, a current student at Penn State DuBois and a 2023 THON dancer, has been growing his hair for a year in preparation for this event. His goal is $300 per inch, up to seven inches, making his overall goal $2,100.

Wendy Swope, a friend and neighbor of Rebecca Pennington, director of student affairs at Penn State DuBois, will donate up to six inches of her hair at $250 for each inch.

Deanna Condron, Penn State DuBois and THON alumna, will return to campus to donate up to 19 inches of her hair. She plans to do this for only $50 for each inch.

Members of the community can bid on each person’s hair and help them reach their individual goals and contribute to the overall campus goal for THON. Donations can be made at any time by visiting the donation page for THON for Penn State DuBois. Those who donate financially should let the hair donor know that you have donated to help them reach their goal. Those wishing to attend the send-off dinner and hair auction need to complete the online registration form by Jan. 31.

Penn State THON is the largest student-run philanthropy in the world in which thousands of volunteers are committed to enhancing the lives of children and families impacted by childhood cancer. THON is comprised of over 16,500 Penn State student volunteers who aim to provide emotional and financial support to Four Diamonds families, as well as to spread its mission and bring awareness to childhood cancer. Since its start in 1973, THON has raised over $200 million dollars to support Four Diamonds at Penn State Health Children’s Hospital.