Scholarship support celebrated at annual lunch

Scholarship recipients had the chance to thank many of the people who help to make their education more accessible and affordable at the annual Penn State DuBois Scholarship Luncheon, held at DuBois Country Club on Friday.

Each year, donors and scholars alike are invited to the event to get to know one another over lunch. Donors get to see, first hand, the kind of impact they've had in the lives of students, and the students have the chance to explain how critical the scholarships have been in their educational pursuits.

"At Penn State DuBois, we are proud to award more than $350,000 in scholarships each year," said Chancellor Melanie Hatch. "To our donors, we are exceedingly grateful; you make these scholarships possible."

Students Jordan Hrinya and Linsey Mizic spoke during the luncheon program, offering the student perspective. Hrinya, a recipient of the DuBois Educational Foundation Trustee Scholarship said, "Because of these scholarships, it makes it possible for myself and others like me to continue our education. There are not enough thank you's in the world for our scholarship donors.

Mizic, who received the Barbara W. and Joseph C. Strasser Scholarship said, "Thank you to all of the donors for the generous donations you have made. I could not have done this without the lifted weight each of you gave me throughout these past four years at Penn State DuBois. It has allowed me to finish my undergraduate degree."

The donor's perspective was shared by Carrie Wood, representing the DuBois Educational Foundation, and Ken Burkett, speaking on the behalf of his late brother for the Harry L. Burkett Engineering Technology Scholarship. Harry Burkett was the program leader the Electrical Engineering Technology Program at the campus and an instructor in the program for 28 years. He established the scholarship fund before his death in 1998.

"He had two main interests," Ken Burkett said of his brother. "Penn State, and his church." Wood recalled, "In 1999, I started my journey on this campus as a student, and as a returning adult leaner, completing my MBA here in 2002. I remember the stress of working full time, balancing home obligations and trying to accomplish all the things a student is supposed to do. My hope for you is that through our work and financial support of donors like us, we can alleviate some of that stress, so that you can continue focusing on excelling."