In Case of Emergency - Dial 911

In Case of Emergency - Dial 911

For a Non-Emergency, when using a University telephone call University Police at ext. 4734 or 4710 

For a Non-Emergency, if you're calling from a non-University phone, call University Police at (814) 375-4734 or (814) 375-4710

For a physical injury or serious illness ON CAMPUS, the faculty, staff member, or coach present should:

  1. Give immediate first aid as appropriate.
  2. Notify the Campus Nurse, Jill Betton ext. 4765.  If the Nurse is not available, notify the Director of Student Affairs, Rebecca Pennington ext. 4766, or in her absence, the Director of Business Services, John Luchini ext. 4711.
  3. Have someone stay with the student, and DO NOT let the student leave the area until help arrives to evaluate the situation.

For a physical injury or serious illness at an OFF CAMPUS University sponsored event, the faculty, staff member, or coach present should:

  1. Seek immediate medical attention for the injured party.
  2. Complete an incident report and submit it to the Student Health Center.  The Nurse will send copies of the report to appropriate personnel.  The report is to include the student's name, student ID number, date, time, location where accident or illness occurred, description of accident or illness, and how it was handled.
  3. If the injury occurs at a local OFF-CAMPUS event, an ambulance will transport the injured directly to the hospital, not back to the Campus.
  4. The Director of Student Affairs will arrange to have the student's parents or spouse notified, if necessary.

For serious emotional adjustment problems, the faculty, or staff member should:

  1. Notify a member of the Early Intervention Team:
    1. Rebecca Pennington, Director of Student Affairs – or 375-4766
    2. Sarah Raybuck, Academic Advisor - or 375-4796
    3. Jill Betton, Campus Nurse – or 375-4765
    4. Diana Kreydt, Disability Services Coordinator – or 372-3037
    5. Jim Kuterbach, Instructor in HDFS – or 375-4852
    6. Officer John Licatovich – or 375-4734 or 911 in an emergency
  2. The Team member will meet with the student if appropriate to determine what action is required and contact the appropriate health agency or the Crisis Intervention Service if necessary (24 hour crisis counseling is available by dialing 1-800-341-5040).
  3. Licensed Practical Counselor Janet Satterlee is available by appointment on Mondays from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.  Contact Nurse Jill Betton at 375-4765.
  4. Faculty or staff members who have early concerns about students may submit an Early Alert Form to the Early Intervention Team for further action on their part.

Additional Directions:

The ambulance service should be used in emergency cases of injury or illness when transportation is necessary. (Dial 911).

Penn Highlands DuBois Emergency Room is the likely place the ambulance will take the patient.

Remember, the University does not have insurance covering students.  Therefore, expenses incurred at the hospital or from the physician are the responsibility of the student.  There is a free community health clinic available on Tuesdays from 7 to 9 (375-6330).  The Campus contract physician is available Wednesdays from 12:00  to 1:00 pm and Thursday from 3:00 to 4:00 pm in the Health Service Office, by appointment (375-4765) or on an as-needed basis.

During the hours between 8 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday, please notify the Campus Nurse (ext. 4765) if an ambulance is needed.  After 5 pm and on weekends, or if the Nurse is not available during the normal work day, please call the ambulance service directly (911), should an emergency arise.

First Aid Kits are available in the following locations:

Hiller Building:
Health Center (Room 15)
Student Affairs (Supply Closet)

Swift Building:
Physics Lab (Room 4)
Electrical Engineering Lab (Room 3)
Chemistry Lab (Room 123)
Biology Lab (Room 122)
Maintenance Room

Multi-Purpose Building:
Aerobics Room/Fitness Room

Smeal Building:
IDS Office (Room 142)
Art Room (Room 50)

OTA House