New course offerings at DuBois will help students prepare for medical careers

DUBOIS, Pa. — New course and lab offerings available for the first time at Penn State DuBois will help local students aspiring to work in health care fields receive more of their education close to home. Beginning in the spring 2019 semester, Penn State DuBois will offer Chem 212 and Chem 213, which are Organic Chemistry, and a lab in Organic Chemistry.

These are required courses for students who will seek admission to medical school, physician assistant programs, and chiropractic school, as well as those who will study dentistry, physical therapy, and pharmacy.

Emphasis is placed on the role of organic reactions in biological chemistry. This course will continue to build upon the important concepts learned in the prerequisite courses, with an emphasis on reactions, mechanisms and organic synthesis. The course will begin with conceptually new material that will be applied in the laboratory course, where a strong foundation in organic laboratory skills is provided.

For scheduling information, contact the Office of the Registrar [email protected] or call 814-375-4762.