Summer youth programs offer fun learning opportunities at Penn State DuBois

DUBOIS, Pa. — Penn State DuBois is offering fun and educational classes in June for students going into grades 6–12. There are four new academy programs offered during the weeks of June 18 and June 25. These programs include topics in crime investigation, law, art, creative writing, music, theatre, wildlife technology, ranger studies, wilderness medicine, science, technology, engineering and meteorology.

Crime and Law Academy: In the crime module, students will study a crime scene with various experts from law enforcement. They will learn what investigators look for and how evidence is disseminated and finally given to those in the judicial system. In the law module, students will prepare for a mock trial by practicing debating skills and preparing as an attorney, witness, defendant, etc. Finally, a mock trial will take place with all students participating and Judge John Foradora in attendance.

Interpretive Arts Academy: This academy allows those students with a high level of creativity to use it with others who share their passion. Students will be asked to read a book of their choice prior to class. Using their knowledge of the book, the students will move through the various modules to express their knowledge, feelings, etc. about the work. This academy will include creative writing, art, music and theatre modules.

Wildlife Academy: GPS tracking used in natural resources and recreation and radio telemetry used by wildlife researchers to track animals will be highlighted in day one of the Wildlife Technology module. Day two of this module will include a hands-on approach to marking, research and survey methods with a biologist in a small wetland. Students will learn new skills for outdoor survival in the Ranger Studies module. Finally, students will learn the basics of first aid and identifying wild plants in the Wilderness Medicine module. Students are asked to dress for the outdoors for this highly interactive program.

Science and Technology Academy: This academy includes a Chemistry module with candy making to help students understand material composition. The Computer Technology module will show students how to access their home computers remotely from another computer or their phone. The Engineering module will include Lego Robotics and give students experience with exercises used in the Best Robotics completion. The Meteorology module will take place at the Weather Discovery Center in Punxsutawney where students will explore the science and folklore of meteorology by interacting with hands-on exhibits. Students will delve deeper into the science of lightning and thunder to learn what a lightning flash really is, what the different types of lightning are, the relationship between lightning and thunder, and much more.

Class fees have been reduced due to a generous contribution from the Anita D. McDonald Endowment for the Support of Children and Youth. Scholarship money donated from the community is also available for those who are in financial need. Please contact 814-375-4715 for more information, or go online to to register.