New wine created to support campus athletics

DUBOIS, Pa. — A new wine to be released by Starr Hill Winery will support Penn State DuBois athletic programs. The winery will donate to campus athletic programs a portion of the proceeds from each bottle of "Peeled" sold.

The wine was created by Penn State DuBois Instructor in Human Development and Family Studies Marly Doty. Doty won the Starr Hill Wine Making Experience at the campus' Lion Wine and Cheese fundraiser, an auction item that the winery also provides, donating the winning bid amount to the campus.

Doty explained that the name "Peeled" was chosen because the wine is a chocolate and orange blend. She said the flavor was inspired by Terry’s Chocolate Oranges that are only available at Christmas.

"This was truly a unique and exciting experience. Not only did I have the chance to give back to my alma mater by bidding on the experience, but also through the future sales of this wine. I selected the blend for the wine, the name of it, and the design for the label," Doty said.

"It was interesting to see behind the scenes of the Starr Hill Winery and for my friends to also be a part of the process. After going to the winery for the initial blend and taste testing, we came back to assist in the bottling process. We placed all the labels and seals on the bottles to be sold. To any enthusiastic wine consumers, I recommend bidding on this experience with your friends at the next Penn State DuBois Lion Wine and Cheese."