Achievements recognized at annual awards banquet at Penn State DuBois

Penn State DuBois student Savannah Ross pauses with her awards for a photo, taken by a family member, at the recognition and awards banquet at the PAW Center.

Penn State DuBois student Savannah Ross pauses with her awards for a photo, taken by a family member, at the recognition and awards banquet at the PAW Center.

Credit: Penn State

DuBOIS, Pa. — Students, faculty, staff, friends, family and members of the community recently all gathered at the PAW Center, on the campus of Penn State DuBois, to recognize the academic achievements, involvement in clubs, organizations, leadership initiatives, and intercollegiate athletics at the annual Recognition and Awards Banquet.

Student Government Association President Jason Plubell began the evening by offering a welcome message to all in attendance. He highlighted upon the outstanding year that the students at the campus have had. Plubell also reflected upon the fact that the campus was missing a beloved professor, Fred Groh, who passed away unexpectedly on March 8. A moment of silence was observed in Groh's honor.

Following the completion of dinner service, Jungwoo Ryoo, chancellor and chief academic officer, stepped to the podium and applauded all the efforts that students have put in this academic year.

This is such a great time of the year. It’s when we celebrate the hard work and dedication you have given to the campus, community, scholarship and learning outside the classroom. Your commitment to volunteering your time to the community and to your organizations is amazing.

—Jungwoo Ryoo , chancellor and chief academic officer at Penn State DuBois

“This is such a great time of the year,” said Ryoo. “It’s when we celebrate the hard work and dedication you have given to the campus, community, scholarship and learning outside the classroom. Your commitment to volunteering your time to the community and to your organizations is amazing.”

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Award winners for the evening were:

Excellence Awards

  • Eric A. and Josephine Walker Award: Jason Plubell
  • Laurel Award: Rachel Allegretto
  • Student Athlete Leader Award: Tyler Yough
  • Terry Hartman Community Service Award: Kristen Mahle
  • Lions Pride Award: Austin Swanson
  • Students Choice Service Award: Keely Roen
  • Janette M. Burns Award: Melissa Duttry

University Wide Awards

  • The President Walker Award: Bailey Allison, Johannah Crandall, Remington Crawford, Andrew Getch, Andrea Lecuyer, Julia Pruett, Angelena Sandy, Skyler Stewart, Hannah Thompson, Ella Wilson, Zachary Witherow
  • The President Sparks Award: Tristan Parker, Emma Suplizio, Gretchen Yatchik
  • Evan Pugh Scholar Award (Senior): Kristen Mahle
  • Evan Pugh Scholar Award (Junior): Lilia Lion

Scholastic Achievement Awards

  • First Year Associate Award: Johannah Crandall, Remington Crawford, Andrea Lecuyer, Skyler Stewart
  • First Year Baccalaureate Award: Andrew Getch, Angelena Sandy, Hannah Thompson, Zachary Witherow
  • Second Year Baccalaureate Award: Tristan Parker, Julie Pruett, Ella Wilson, Gretchen Yatchik
  • Upper Division Baccalaureate Award: Bailey Allison, Cristina Delaney, Lilia Lion, Kristen Mahle, Emma Suplizio

Leadership and Involvement Recognition

  • Unsung Hero: Rorrie Maynard
  • Emerging Leader: Garret Park
  • Distinguished Leader: Hannah Allen
  • Program of the Year: Night Against Procrastination
  • Outstanding Adult Learners: Charity Croyle, Cristina Delaney, Michael Dixon,Terra Haines, Julie Hedlund, Andrea Lucuyer, Savannah McCloskey-Reigh, Kristen Mahle, Eric Stafford
  • Orientation Leaders: Christopher Blowers, Austin Dinsmore, Aleigha Geer, Madalynne Heckman, Megan Hyde, Jalen Kosko, Tara Leamer, Kelsey Stuart, Justice Williams, Skylar King
  • Summer Leadership Experience: Christopher Blowers, Connor Carnahan, Austin Dinsmore, Skylar King, Jalen Kosko, Tara Leamer, Dakota Malmgren, Jason Plubell, Taylor Rafferty
  • Behrend Leadership Experience: Eric Bryan, Hunter Raffeinner, Zachary Dinger, Cartar Kosko, Gabby Santorielllo, Charity Croyle
  • Lion Ambassadors: Rachel Allegretto, Isaac Anthony, Christopher Blowers, Sallee Boose, Johannah Crandall, Darin Glass, Tara Leamer, Lydia McBee, Tayler Rafferty, Jeff Romano, Casey Serine
  • Certified Peer Educators: Hannah Allen, Jebediah Blackburn, Natalie Bowser, Eric Bryan, Christina Delaney, Chase Hook, Skylar King, Hunter Raffeinner, Logan Rode, Kelsey Stuart, Emma Suplizio, Ella Wilson, Tyler Yough
  • Top 5 Most Involved Students: Melakai Forrest, Austin Dinsmore, Kelsey Stuart, Megan Hyde, Frances Milliron
  • 2023-2024 Student Athletes: Makena Baney, Madeleine Barsh, Brett Beith, Colby Bodtorf, Taylor Boland, Natalie Bowser, Chase Brush, Chelsea Busatto, Nick Cagliola, Connor Cherry, Wyatt Coakley, Nate Cornelius, Braylen Corter, Johannah Crandall, Emma Delp, Austin Dinsmore, Bryce Dobson, Valerie Edson, Kyle Elensky, Kamal Ferrell, Eric Fletcher, Ashton Fortson, Christopher Frontera, Alex Gavlock, Aleigha Geer, Owen Graham, Ben Gritzer, Ryan Hanna, Kyron Harbin, Nick Hayes, Tylor Herzing, Kyle Hite, Chase Hook, Christian Hopp, Megan Hyde, JaiQuil Johnson, Gavin Kaschalk, Sherri Kephart, Tanner LaBenne, Tara Leamer, Cory Lehman, Caleb Leonard, Curtis “Grant” Lillard, Allison Lininger, Cole Love, Kamryn MacTavish, Rebecca Martin, Aaron Miller, Frances Milliron, Austin Mitchell, Joey Morrison, Jadon Myers, Tanisha Myers, Ezeck Olinger, Paige Pleta, James “Alex” Preston, Kaleb Pryor, Jorge Rodriguez, Danielle Rolley, Jeff Romano, Josh Ross, Savannah Ross, Malachi Schaefer, Casey Serine, Shannon Shaw, Austin Shoup, Brandon Sicheri, Jake Sikora, Cole Slaugenhoup, James Spengler, Jordin Sommers, Kelsey Stuart, Joseph Tettis, Hailey Theuret, Hannah Thompson, Zachary Tiracorda, Ashwin Upadhyaya, Hayden Vaughn, Beau Verdill, Audrey Walker, Caitlyn Watson, Maclain Welshans, Zachary Witherow, Morgan Wolf, Tyler Yough
  • Fall 2023 Graduates: Sara Allaman, Tanner Connor, Tatum Fitzpatrick, Macey Hahn, Brooklyn Hepler, Dakota Hetrick, Montana Hetrick, Hailey Kinley, Iris Larson, Shyanne Lundy, Adam Rea, Kyle Seyler, Connor Shoemaker, Elyse Spehalski, Bayley Strouse, Emileigh Syster
  • Spring 2024 Graduates: Isaac Anthony, Brett Beith, Emily Bennett, Sallee Boose, Elizabeth Bruner, Connor Carnahan, Alex Davis, Emily Deitch, Dylan Donahue, Kyle Elensky, Darin Glass, Terra Haines, Joseph Hertel, Tylor Herzing, Cierra Hoffman, Aaron Hottel, Michael Johnson, Tanner LaBenne, Luke LaBrasca, Franklin Lanzoni, Madison LeGrys, Cory Lehman, Caleb Leonard, Cody Long, Kolton Lyons, Morgan Mandell, Arizona Miller, Allan Myers, Tanisha Myers, Paige Pleta, Tayler Rafferty, Logan Rode, Colton Roush, Brandon Sicheri, James Spengler, Chase Streich, Emma Walters, Caitlyn Watson, Maynard Weidman, Andrew White Jr., Justice Williams, Kane Witter, Tyler Yough, Ryan Zadorecky

Academic Awards

  • Harry J. Charlesen Outstanding Associate Degree Award in Business Administration: Emily Deitch
  • Outstanding Junior Award in Business Administration: Casey Serine
  • Richard M. Smith Outstanding Senior Award in Business Administration: Kristen Mahle
  • Academic Excellence Award in Criminal Justice: Savannah Ross
  • Academic Excellence Award in English: Ariel Coudriet
  • Academic Excellence in Information, Science & Technology: Maynard Weidman
  • Academic Excellence in Mathematics Award: Kristen Mahle
  • Occupational Therapy Academic Excellence Award: Sara Allaman
  • Spanish Language and Culture Award: Jason Plubell
  • Wildlife Technology Agricultural Alumni Outstanding Student: Elizabeth Bruner
  • Wildlife Technology Daniel T. Wanless Award: Connor Carnahan
  • Wildlife Technology Sherwood S. Stutz Award: Isaac Anthony
  • Honors Scholar Program (1st year): Chase Brush, Remington Crawford, Allison Lininger, Hunter Raffeinner, Savannah Ross, Jake Sikora, Joshua Tyger
  • Honors Scholar Program (2nd year): Kolton Lyons, Emma Suplizio
  • Honors Scholar Program (4th year): Maynard Weidman
  • Honors Program (1 year): Isaac Anthony, Elizabeth Bruner, Connor Carnahan, Braylen Corter, Johannah Crandall, Jenna D'Amore, Andrew Getch, Noah Gibble, Terra Haines, Zayne Knight, Cartar Kosko, Elizabeth Long, Rorrie Maynard, Julia Pruett, Tayler Rafferty, Adam Rea, Angelena Sandy, Isabella Scarfino, Hope Spuck, Caitlyn Watson, Ella Wilson, Jeremy Wolfgang
  • Honors Program (2 years): Madee Finalle, Marissa Matangelo, Tristan Parker, Madison Rhine
  • Honors Program (3 years): Riley West

Club Awards

  • Award of Appreciation: Marianne & Hank Webster
  • Club Members of the Year:
    • Business Society: Madison Rhine, Austin Dinsmore, Zayne Knight, Kristen Mahle
    • Campus Activities Board: Zachary Witherow, Justice Williams
    • Christian Student Fellowship: Hannah Thompson
    • Delta Mu Sigma: Christopher Blowers
    • Delta Mu Sigma Honors Society Inductees: Mariah Allen, Bailey Allison, Johannah Crandall, Jenna D'Amore, Cristina Delaney, Austin Dinsmore, Austin Dubay, Madison Gavlock, Terra Haines, Ryan Hanna, Chase Hook, Gavin Kaschalk, Andrea Lecuyer, Morgan Mandell, Savannah McCloskey-Reigh, Joey Morrison, Robbie Rhines, Savannah Ross, Emma Sanford, Kelsey Stuart, Brian Wallace, Ella Wilson, Braelyn Wolfel
    • Engineering Club: Justin Miller
    • HDFS Club: Chelsea Busatto
    • IT Club: Frank Lanzoni
    • Mock Trial: Garret Park
    • Student Government (Upperclass): Garret Park
    • Student Government (First Year): Ariel Coudriet
    • THON: Rachel Allegretto, Ella Wilson, Abby Morgo, Madee Finalle
    • Wildlife Society: Colton Roush
  • Business of the Year: Napolis Pizza
  • Club of the Year: Business Society
  • Club Adviser of the Year: Lorna Hardin