Penn State DuBois students recognized at 'Old Hollywood' themed banquet

Centerpiece at old Hollywood event with feathers, candles, and pearls
Credit: Jessica Mondi

DuBOIS, Pa. — The Hiller Student Union transformed into an "Old Hollywood" themed banquet to recognize the academic achievements, involvement in clubs, organizations, leadership initiatives, and intercollegiate athletics. The Recognition and Awards Banquet celebrated the return to in person events by combining the Student Government Association Banquet and the Honors Convocation events into a single congratulatory evening. Students, faculty, and staff dressed for the occasion in sequins, feathers, and even a couple of bowler hats.

Rebecca Pennington, director of student affairs, began the program for the evening with a sad announcement: Marcie Brubaker, a beloved member of the student engagement team as the assistant student engagement coordinator, passed away suddenly the night before. Brubaker was a light for the Penn State DuBois campus community and the greater DuBois community at large and will be deeply missed, said Pennington in her remarks.

Jungwoo Ryoo, chancellor and chief academic officer, joined the proceedings by video, “I am always excited for this time of the year to share in celebrating the hard work and dedication all you have given to the campus and community and to your dedication to scholarship and learning outside the classroom.  Your commitment to volunteering to our community, the campus and to your organizations is amazing.”

Student Awards

Eric A. and Josephine Walker Award: Nathan Murarik

Laurel Award: Elise DuFour

John and Veda Black Award: Elise DuFour

Terry Hartman Community Service Award: Haley Rummel

Student Affairs Award: Hannah Oakes

Student Athlete Leader Award: Lukas Salvo

Outstanding Adult Learners: Haedan Allbeck, Lisa Craggs, Scot Coble, Ray Cunningham, Karen Emmerich, Brook Grove, Christina Haag, Kristen Mahle, Kelsey Makin, Austin Miller. Deborah Schatz

Orientation Leaders: Elise DuFour, Austin Miller, Autum Monaco, Nathan Murarik, Khushi Patel. Haley Rummel, Rachel Russell, Justice Williams

Summer Leadership Experience: Elise DuFour, Cayleigh Huffman. Larissa James-LaBranche, Skylar King, Nathan Murarik, Khushi Patel

Leaderquest: Louise Bennett, Elise DuFour, Emalee Horner, Iris Larson, Austin Miller, Hannah Oakes, Emily Roush

Behrend Leadership Conference: Alicia Bryan, Elise DuFour, Jacob Ebel, Breanna McCahan, Austin Miller, Nathan Murarik, Christian Pryde, Jeremy Rose, Emily Roush, Karter Witmer

Lion Ambassadors: Haeden Allbeck, Laurie Enders, Isaac Gray, Hailey Kinley, Emily Roush, Luke Salvo, Casey Serine, Elyse Spehalski, Levi Thompson, Dylan Treaster, Riley West

Certified Peer Educators: Ayomide Adedeji, Hannah Allen, Taylor Charles, Brook Grove, Dakota Hetrick, Skylar King, Erin Kopp, Anna Raffeinner, Emily Roush, Kyrsten Ruch, Lukas Salvo, Dominic Torretti, Karter Witmer

Alumni Mentor Awards: Khushi Patel, Kristen Mahle, Brenden Ching

Top 5 Most Involved Students: Nathan Murarik, Austin Miller, Elise DuFour, Emily Roush, Anna Raffeinner

Club Members of the Year: Astronomy Club – Breanna McCahan; Business Society – Taylor Charles; Criminal Justice – Rachel Russell and Tamara Selzler; Campus Activities Board – Anna Raffeinner; Delta Mu Sigma – Paul Brosky, Taylor Charles, Larissa James-LaBranche, Lukas Salvo, & Dylan Treaster; HDFS Club – Brook Grove; OT Club – Kelsey Makin;  Student Government – Upperclass: Austin Miller, First Year: Brendan Ching; THON – Haley Rummel; Club of the Year – THON;

The President's Walker Award: Sara Allaman, Louise Bennett, Donald Crabtree, Jacob Ebel, Garrett Fischer, Kayden Grubbs, Emily Hanes, Lilia Lion, Graham Lott, Kristen Mahle, Allison Meko, Eliza Neal, Alexis O’Kane, Lucy Scheffler, Megrah Suhan, Riley West

The Evan Pugh Scholar Senior Award: Dylan Treaster 

Associate/Baccalaureate Freshmen: Louise Bennett, Donald Crabtree, Jacob Ebel, Garrett Fischer, Kayden Grubbs, Lilia Lion, Graham Lott, Kristen Mahle, Allison Meko, Eliza Neal, Alexis O’Kane, Megrah Suhan, Riley West  

Baccalaureate Sophomores: Emalee Horner, Khushi Patel

Baccalaureate Upperclassman: Dylan Treaster

Academic Excellence in Human Development and Family Studies: Cayleigh Huffman

Business Administration, Outstanding Junior Award: Larissa James-LaBranche

Harry J. Charlesen Outstanding Associate Degree Student: Justice Williams

Wildlife Technology Agricultural Alumni Outstanding Student: Karter Witmer

Daniel T. Wanless Award: Laurie Enders

Sherwood S. Stutz Award: Haeden Allbeck 

Academic Excellence Award in Administration of Justice: Daniel Torok

Outstanding Achievement Award in Administration of Justice: Layton Yarus

Academic Excellence in Information, Science & Technology: Nathan Murarik 

Academic Excellence in Mathematics: Dylan Treaster

NCPA Launchbox/Entrepreneur: Dylan Treaster

Women’s Studies Award in Academic Excellence: Corrin Kanour

Outstanding Academic Achievement in Engineering: Devin Carns

Outstanding Academic Achievement in Engineering, Applied Material: Tyler Stitt

Occupational Therapy Academic Excellence Award: Alexa Shick

Physical Therapist Assistant Academic Excellence Award: Amanda Kucic

Honors Scholars Program: Alicia Bryan, Taylor Charles, Jacob Ebel, Laurie Enders, Garrett Fischer, Isaac Gray, Kayden Grubbs, Sydney Kaschalk, Tara Leamer, Nathan Murarik, Lilyan Rahalla, Rachel Russell, Lukas Salvo, Dylan Treaster, Maynard Weidman, Larissa James-LaBranche, Blaze Welpott

Honors Program: Eileen Cox, Anna Raffeinner, Caleb Thompson, Levi Thompson, Riley West 

Delta Mu Sigma Honors Society Inductees: Rachel Allegretto, Hannah Allen, Makena Baney, Julia Bashline, Alicia Bryan, Connor Cherry, Jeremy Clawson, Donald Crabtree, Elise DuFour, Isaac Gray, Brook Grove, Madisyn Hess, Jason Hetrick, Jenna Kavelak, Daniel Kunselman, Iris Larson, Tara Leamer, Hayley Matter, Breanna McCahan, Abigail McCracken, Allison Meko, Derek Mohney, Braden Mohney, Nathan Murarik, Hannah Oakes, Sarah Peters, Anna Raffeinner, Emily Roush, Lenny Swisher, Ashwin Upadhyaya, Maynard Weidman, Tyler Youh

Community Awards

Business of the Year: Brockway Floral Boutique

Award of Appreciation: Marianne & Hank Webster

Alumni Mentors: Chris Beretsel, Jana Sharlow, John Peterson

Faculty and Staff Awards

Students Choice Service Award: Fred Groh

Club Advisor of the Year: Marcie Brubaker

Lion's Pride Award: Brittany Stanton

Excellence in Academic Advising: David Bish


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