Students, faculty, staff recognized at Honors Convocation

Delta Mu Sigma Co-Chair Tawnya Cordwell.

Delta Mu Sigma Co-Chair Tawnya Cordwell welcomed students and their families to the 77th Honors Convocation at Penn State DuBois.

Credit: Steve Harmic

The 77th annual Delta Mu Sigma Honors Convocation at Penn State DuBois recognized outstanding students, faculty and staff members on Friday night in the campus' Hiller Auditorium.

Awards at the Honors Convocation recognize students for a wide range of accomplishments, from academic excellence, to overcoming hardships to succeed. Members of the staff and faculty were celebrated for their commitment to supporting students and for their service to the campus and community.

The event is organized each year by members of the Delta Mu Sigma Honors Society.

"Tonight's ceremony will be about the students, faculty and staff that help make Penn State DuBois what it is," said Delta Mu Sigma Co-Chair Tawnya Cordwell, opening the ceremony. "The University, especially this campus, prides itself on the efforts of the students for their academic achievements and their successes."

Honors Convocation award winners for 2016 are:

Academic Awards: OT Academic Excellence Award: Danielle Hodgdon

OT Student of the Year Award: Brianna Nussbaum

PTA Academic Excellence Award: Alexander Lloyd

Part Time/Adjunct Educator of the Year Award: Courtney Colley

Wildlife Technology Outstanding Student: Courtney Braunns

Sherwood S. Stutz Award (technology competence): Rachel Bloom Alex Sharp

David T. Wanless Award (Highest GPA): Donna Morello

Academic Excellence in Earth Science Award: Clinton Goodwin Mandy Marconi

Academic Excellence in Mathematics Award: Stephen Koellner

Women's Studies Award in Academic Excellence: Amber Metzger

Academic Excellence in Human Development & Family Studies, Baccalaureate Degree: Molly Stoltz

Outstanding Junior Award in Business Administration: Kristy Hanes, Jennifer L. Lenze, Harry J. Charlesen

Outstanding Associate Degree student: Julie K. Shimmel

Academic Excellence in Information, Science & Technology: Scott Caltagarone

University Awards

President Sparks Award: Hunter A. Lydick, Cassidy J. Sicheri

President's Freshman Award: Ethan J. Ambler, Brandon J. Gettig, Nicole M. Harker, Cortney L. Hedlund, Clifford B. Henrice, Taryn M. Licatovich, Ruyang Luo, Lars A. Nelson, Andrew L. Smith

Scholastic Achievement Awards Associate Freshmen: Lars A. Nelson, Andrew L. Smith

Baccalaureate Freshmen: Ethan J. Ambler, Brandon J. Getti,g Nicole M. Harker, Cortney L. Hedlund, Clifford B. Henrice, Taryn M. Licatavich, Ruyang Luo,

Baccalaureate Sophomore:  Hunter A. Lydick, Cassidy J. Sicheri

Baccalaureate Upperclassman: Lauren N. Anderson

Honors Program students

Participant for five semesters:  Leah Star McKay, Jamie Lynn Simbeck

Participant for four semesters: Randy Bates, Desmond Colema,n Anna Harkleroad

Participant for three semesters: Rachel Bloom, Emilee Brown, Brianna Caggiano, Howard Hartzfeld, Stephen Koellner, Jennifer Lenze, Donna Morello, Joshua Sanko, Alexander Sharp, Julie Shimmel, Timothy Smith, Alyshia Talmage

Participants for two semesters: Ethan Ambler, Morgan Crawford, Kevin Decker, Emily Gerew, Brandon Gettig, Alex Graf, Cheyenne Hahn, Matthew Powers, Eric Seary, Rebekah Shilala, Jared Wolfe

Participant for one semester: Tamera Anthony, Stephen Carns, Jonathan Hall, Kristy Hanes, Danielle Holland, Amber Siverling, Molly Stoltz, Sadie Viglione, Shelby Volosky

Special Awards Excellence in Academic Advising: Annette Muth

Walker Award: Amanda Butler

Laurel Award: Zach Wood, Terry Hartman

Community Service Award: Jessica Metzger

Students Choice Service Award: John Tolle

Student Affairs Award: Julianne Inzana

Delta Mu Sigma Staff Award:  Marly Doty, Pennie Mowrey

Memorial Award: Shalane Read

Delta Mu Sigma Award: Tawnya Cordwell

Burns Award: Carrie O'Brien

Mansion Memorial Award: Linsey Mizic, Susanne Waitkus

Faculty Award: Jim Kuterbach

Delta Mu Sigma Scholarship: Juliana Vokes

Delta Mu Sigma Alumni Award: Judith T. Witmer