NCPA LaunchBox ready to assist with CARES grant applications - deadline Nov. 15

LaunchBox Director Brad Lashinsky is available to help business owners navigate the CARES grant application.

LaunchBox Director Brad Lashinsky is available to help business owners navigate the CARES grant application at the North Central PA LaunchBox at 2 East Long Avenue, Suite 120 in DuBois, Pennsylvania. Lashinsky can be reached to schedule an appointment at [email protected] or 814-375-4704.

Credit: Penn State

Businesses applying for Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, are now able to receive help completing and filing their application at the North Central PA LaunchBox. A computer lab has been established following social distancing guidelines at the downtown LaunchBox location at 2 East Long Avenue, Suite 120, in DuBois. Business owners can file applications online from the LaunchBox site, and staff members are available to steer applicants through the process, answer questions, and assist in submitting applications. The deadline for applications is Nov. 15.

“The North Central PA LaunchBox exists not only to help foster entrepreneurship and innovation but also to aid existing businesses,” said LaunchBox Director Brad Lashinsky. “We truly understand that every business is different and navigating any grant process can be challenging, which is why we are excited to offer a computer lab and guidance at our facility. Businesses who need assistance with technology can schedule an appointment and receive the services to help them file their County CARES Act application.”

The LaunchBox is helping to administer a second round of funding for small businesses adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Clearfield County commissioners recently announced a second round of grant funding aimed at helping the local economy recover from losses suffered during the COVID outbreak through the CARES Act. 

The LaunchBox will work specifically with small businesses to process their applications and determine their losses. Small businesses who wish to apply for funding may do so at and can contact LaunchBox Director Brad Lashinsky at [email protected] or 814-375-4704 to schedule an appointment for assistance with their application.

Second round small business grants are capped at $5,000 for those under $200,000 annual revenue, and at $10,000 for those with revenue above $200,000.

Municipalities seeking CARES funding are still asked to contact Clearfield County commissioners at [email protected] Nonprofit organizations seeking assistance are asked to contact Lisa Kovalick at [email protected]