Information Sciences and Technology

Information Sciences and Technology

Begin Your Journey for a Digital Future

How would you like a career instead of a job? Would you like to have a career where you would never be bored? If this interests you, consider the Information Technology field of study. The best way to start your journey in the field of IST is by obtaining a degree in Information Sciences and Technology (IST) from Penn State DuBois.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average starting salary for IST majors in our area is $32,250-$47,500, based on data from 2014.

Now think what you can accomplish with an IST degree from Penn State DuBois.  You’ll be working with the cutting-edge technology, and able to comingle your ideas with other future professionals who are excited to be in your field.

Gain your IST knowledge here at Penn State DuBois.  

Put your education and ideas into action.

Start your journey now into the digital future.