Human Development and Family Studies

Human Development and Family Studies

You CAN Change the World

You’ve always wanted to help people who aren’t treated like others because of a disability or race or religious beliefs. You become especially frustrated when people judge others based on lifestyle choices. And if a child needs help, forget about it - you’ve got to do something. That’s just who you are.

You want to help make things better. But how do you do that? One way is to earn an Associate or Bachelor degree in Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) from Penn State DuBois.  Whether you quietly impact one life at a time or you speak to the masses to encourage broad change, and HDFS degree from Penn State DuBois prepares you to empower the people.

Penn State DuBois offers two degrees in Human Development and Family Studies designed to prepare students for careers as human service workers: the associate (2-year) degree and the baccalaureate (4-year) degree. All of the credits earned in the associate degree program apply toward the baccalaureate degree. This enables students who wish to begin college by earning an associate degree to continue studying toward a bachelor’s degree without loss of credit or time.

Penn State DuBois also offers certificate programs in HDFS, one in Early Childhood Care and Education, one in Children, Youth and Family Services, and one in Adult Development and Aging Services. These certificate programs require 15 – 30 credits, all of which can be applied to an associate degree or baccalaureate degree, if the student wishes to continue. See the Continuing Education web site for more information about the certificate programs.

What makes the HDFS programs special?

All associate degree coursework applies toward the bachelor's degree.
The bachelor's degree program includes courses in development counseling, technology, and administration.
Student's receive practical, hands-on experience.
The faculty includes full-time professors and practitioners from the field.
Students have access to Penn State's resources within the friendly, personal atmosphere of a small campus.
Penn State DuBois can help you prepare to help others.


An HDFS degree from Penn State DuBois opens the door to countless opportunities within the human services field. You can expect to learn how to work with families, children and youth, adults, and seniors, in all different settings. You will learn to use research, various therapeutic techniques, and hands-on experience within the helping relationship, and make positive changes in the lives of others. With knowledgeable and friendly faculty dedicated to the professional growth of our students, you will receive a personalized educational plan that fits your specific career goals.


Whether you’re just graduating high school, are elsewhere in the workforce, or are already working at a human services organization and want to improve your ability to assist those in need, a Human Development and Family Studies degree from Penn State DuBois enables you to positively impact the lives of others. All credits earned in the HD FS Associate program transfer to the Bachelor program, so that if you decide to continue your education you can do so, easily.  The professional options available to those holding an HD FS degree from Penn State DuBois are almost limitless.