Janet M. Burns Award

The Penn State Commission for Women

DuBois Liaison Committee
Who has made a difference?
Who’s supported women at Penn State DuBois?
Who’s mentored women at Penn State DuBois?
Who’s enhanced the campus climate for women at Penn State DuBois?
Nominate that someone for the Janette Burns Award, which honors people who make a difference!

Please return completed forms to Jackie Atkins via her mailbox in the Hiller Building or e-mail at [email protected] by Monday, March 18, 2019, or fill out the form below to submit an online nomination form.

Janette M. Burns Award Description

Named in honor of Janette M. Burns, a professor of Speech Communication at Penn State DuBois from 1959 to 1975, the Burns Award is given to a full- or part-time faculty member, staff member, student, or campus organization that has encouraged, supported, or mentored women or otherwise enhanced the campus climate for women at Penn State DuBois. 

The winner’s name is inscribed on a permanent plaque displayed in the Smeal Conference room.  The winner also receives a personal plaque and cash award.  Depending on the quality of nominations, the committee may not choose a winner every year.  No person or group will win the award more than once in a five-year period.  Self-nominations are acceptable.

Previous winners:  Janice Russo, 1999; Jennifer Conner, 2000; Pat Young, 2001; Diane (Lucas) Spradling, 2003; Amy Buehrer, 2004; Jess (Jones) Haggerty, 2005; Maureen Horan, 2006; Jody Lucas Kulakowski, 2007; Susanne Waitkus, 2008; Andie Graham, 2009; Marly Doty, 2011; Jaci Gordon and Staci Neal, 2012; Rebecca Pennington, 2013; The Lion’s Den Café, 2014; Molly Stoltz, 2015; Carrie O'Brien, 2016.

Selection Committee

The selection committee consists of, at the least, one of the chairs of the Penn State Liaison Committee to the Penn State Commission for Women, another member of the Liaison Committee appointed by the chairs, a Student Affairs representative, a student member of the Liaison Committee, and a previous Burns Award recipient.  This year’s committee, chaired by Jackie Atkins, includes Marly Doty, Missy Duttry, Diane Spradling, Mary Mino, Tory Anderson, and Keely Roen.

Note: The committee assesses each nominee only on the basis of the information provided in the nomination.  Please provide as many specific details as you can in your nomination.  PLEASE focus only on activities, mentorships, and so on, that fit the award criteria.  Your nominee is undoubtedly a great person and an asset to the campus; however, we award someone for whom you can show us specific details regarding encouragement, support, and mentoring for women on campus. 

Deadline for nominations is March 18, 2019.