Face-to-Face Campus Meeting or Event Request Form

Important Notes

  1. Masks and other required PPE must be worn if the event is indoors and plans for abiding by social distancing must be made for both indoor and out-of-doors meetings and events.
  2. If the event is on campus, work with the Office of Physical Plant to determine and ensure that the room capacity is appropriate for allowing the minimum required social distancing.
  3. An electronic copy of the Return to Work approval email message must be on file for each employee attending the meeting or event (i.e., Requests to Return to Work is completed and submitted at https://sites.psu.edu/returntowork/).
  4. The associated campus unit director must maintain on file:
    1. A list of all attendees
    2. A record of the Return to Work approval status of attending employees
    3. The locations from which non-employees are traveling, along with their contact information (email and phone).
  5. Approved events are scheduled with the full understanding that if the county in which the campus is located moves to the Yellow or Red phase, the guidelines for the county must be followed and the event may need to be cancelled. 
Event Details
Organizer of the Meeting or Event

Concisely explain how the organizer will meet the state of Pennsylvania’s regulations for stopping the spread of the virus.*
See https://www.health.pa.gov/topics/disease/coronavirus/Pages/Stop-the-Spread.aspx for state requirements.