David Trinkley

David Trinkley, 2011 Distinguished Ambassador Award

David Trinkley is the president of Micron Research Corporation in Emporium Pa.  A division of GrafTech International, Micron is one of six companies in the world that produces Fine Grain Graphite for the Medical, Aerospace, Castings, Defense, Tool and Mold industries.

Dave founded Micron Research Corporation, and under his leadership they developed a double-bonded micro-structure, called “Bundled Technology.” The result is a family of EDM graphite electrode materials that provide improved wear, speed and surface finish. In 2011, this specialized technology attracted global graphite company, GrafTech’s attention.

Dave has been an enduring supporter of the campus athletic programs. He founded the Penn State DuBois Athletic Fundraising Committee, and chaired the committee for five years.  He helped to launch such successful fundraising events as the “Lion” Wine and Cheese, and the Penn State DuBois Athletics Golf Benefit.  These efforts aided in the expansion of the varsity athletic programs offered at Penn State DuBois.

Dave is a member of the DuBois Educational Foundation (DEF) Board of Directors, and a committee member of For the Future: The Campaign for Penn State Students. He and his wife, Mandy, live in Treasure Lake, and are the proud parents of Mikalya and Ben.