Student Fees at Work

Student Fees at Work

The following is information on how to access the Student Activity Fee and Facility Fee funding.

Facility Fee Funding

Please use the following form, when applying for Facility Fee funding:

Click here for an online Facility Fee Form

Student Activity Fee Funding

Click here for an online Student Activity Fee Grant Form

Click here to see the Student Activity handbook. Then click on the pdf link.

Click here to submit an application to be a member of the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee.

2017-2018 Activity Fee Funding

Student Life Assistant
CAB Events        
Club Insurance        
Orientation Picnic
Flu Vaccines
Health Kits
Breast Cancer Awareness Event
Meet the Counselors Event
Child Care Subsidy for Students with Children
Orientation Leader Captains
Fitness Center Hours
Student Government Association


Summer 2017 Activity Fee Funding

Summer Event for Students    
Fitness Center 
Orientation Leader Captains
Summer Leadership Conference
Orientation Leadership Training
Fitness Center Equipment
Summer Intern for Club Forms



For more detailed information regarding the items funded, such as amounts and stipulations from the committee, you may contact Rebecca Pennington, Director of Student Affairs, at