Campus Directory - Faculty

Name Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Neyda Abreu
Associate Professor of Geoscience and, Mathematics
Robert Anderson
Instructor, Arts and Humanities
Jacquelyn Atkins
Senior Instructor, English
Smeal Building, Room 180 (814) 375-4815
F. Bell
Instructor, Business and Economics
David Bish
Instructor, Social Sciences and Education, Administration of Justice
Smeal Building, Room 174
Richard Brazier
Associate Professor of Geoscience and, Mathematics
Smeal Building, Room 187
Laurie Breakey
Senior Instructor, Business and Economics
William Campbell
Instructor, Science
Maureen Casile
Assistant Professor, Business and Economics
DEF Building, Room 102F (814) 375-4846
Jessica Clontz
Instructor, Health and Human Development
Luann Demi
Senior Instructor in Occupational Therapy, Health and Human Development
OT House, (814) 375-4748
Faisal El-Awar
Instructor, Science
Amy Fatula
Instructor, Occupation Therapy
OT House, (814) 375-4801
Paul Fehrenbach
Senior Instructor, Arts and Humanities
Smeal Building, Room 045 (814) 375-4853
Stephen Feldbauer
Instructor, Engineering
DEF Building, Room 110G (814) 375-4845
Karen Fuller
Head Librarian, Library
Hiller Building, Room 113 (814) 375-4754
Deborah Gill
Associate Professor, Arts and Humanities
Swift Building, Room 220 (814) 375-4783
Maureen Horan
Instructor in Kinesiology, Health and Human Development
Multi Purpose Building, Room 006 (814) 375-4829
Pamela Hufnagel
Senior Instructor, Health and Human Development
Margaret W. Johnston
Instructor, Science
Hiller Building, Room 111 (814) 375-4823