Campus Directory

Name Email Role Office Location
Neyda Abreu
Associate Professor of Geoscience and, Mathematics
Anna Akintunde
Career Counselor, Student Programs & Services
Hiller Building, Room 102, (814) 372-3015
Dave Alberts
Women's Volleyball Coach, Athletics
Multi-Purpose Building, Room 100
Robert Anderson
Instructor, Arts and Humanities
Jacquelyn Atkins
Senior Instructor, English
Smeal Building, Room 180, (814) 375-4815
F. Bell
Instructor, Business and Economics
Jill Betton
Coordinator of Health Services Nurse, Student Programs & Services
Instructor in CPR, Health and Human Development
Hiller Building, Room 015, (814) 375-4765
David Bish
Instructor, Social Sciences and Education, Administration of Justice
Smeal Building, Room 174
Lee Bortz
Janitorial Worker, Building Operations
Richard Brazier
Associate Professor of Geoscience and, Mathematics
Smeal Building, Room 187
Laurie Breakey
Senior Instructor, Business and Economics
John Brennan
Education Program Associate, Outreach
DEF Building, Room 206D, (814) 375-4836
Lisa Buskirk
Receptionist/Faculty Staff Assistant, Academic Affairs
Symmco House, (814) 375-4770
Tom Calliari
Baseball Coach, Athletics
William Campbell
Instructor, Science
Maureen Casile
Assistant Professor, Business and Economics
DEF Building, Room 102F, (814) 375-4846
Ronald Cavalline
Assistant Golf Coach, Athletics
Matthew Checchio
Marketing Strategy Specialist, Marketing
Jessica Clontz
Instructor, Health and Human Development
Rebecca Colletti
Administrative Support Assistant, Academic Affairs and Outreach
DEF Building, Room 206, (814) 375-4772