Making the Right Decision: A Study in Ethics for the Mental Health Professional

Making the Right Decision: A Study in Ethics for the Mental Health Professional

This course is designed to meet the annual continuing education ethics training requirements for credentialed rehabilitation & human services personnel including Social Workers, Family & Marriage Therapists, Professional Counselors, and Mental Health Clinicians. The program is split into two 3-hour sessions that may be attended independently or together.

Session One: Includes a review of ethical standards in counseling.  The course will include a review of the ethics codes and the Ethical Decision Making Model, as well as case studies that highlight the appropriate application of ethical standards.  This half of the course will also review the issues related to maintaining confidentiality, maintaining appropriate boundaries, and Insurance Fraud.

Session Two: Is designed to help mental health clinicians increase their self-awareness and identify their own values and beliefs, and how those values and beliefs influence the counseling process.  Moreover, clinicians, through their raised self-awareness, will learn how their values and beliefs may interfere with ethical practice and the negative outcomes it can have on the therapeutic process.  Clinicians will also review their clients’ rights and how these rights have changed in light of technological advances and how the rights of minority client populations differ between groups. 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017
Session One: 9:00 am – noon, $125
Session Two: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm, $125
Penn State DuBois, DEF Building, 2nd Floor
Instructor: Sara Mays, LSW, CPRP