Minor in Gerontology

Minor in Gerontology

According to a U.S. Census Bureau report, by the middle of the century, “there could be more persons who are elderly (65 or older) than young (14 or younger).” With the growth of the number of older people in the population, increased need has arisen for people in a variety of professional and occupational roles to have knowledge of the aging process and old age.

The minor in Gerontology at Penn State DuBois is designed for students to gain an in-depth understanding of the aging process. In conjunction with the student's major, the minor prepares students for: (1) entry-level human service positions working with the elderly; (2) graduate or professional school programs including communication disorders, counseling, health planning and administration, medicine, psychology, recreation and park management, and social work where knowledge of the aging process and problems of older people is relevant.

Eighteen credits are required for the minor, including at least 6 credits at the 400 level.


Required Courses (3 credits) for the minor are:                                     

HDFS 249 (GS)               Adult Development and Aging


Additional Courses (9 credits):


ADTED 460                                 Introduction to Adult Education

BB H 302 (US)                             Diversity and Health                             

BB H 316                                     Foundations and Principles of Health Promotion

BB H 410                                     Developmental and Health Genetics

BB H 440/ H P A 440  (US; IL)    Principles of Epidemiology

BIOL 155 (GN)                             Biology of Aging

BIOL 409                                     Biology of Aging

H P A 101                                    Introduction to Health Services Organization

H P A 442                                    Long-Term Care Management

HD FS 413                                  Developmental Problems in Adulthood     

HD FS 434/SOC 435                   Perspectives on Aging                           

HD FS 445/PSYCH 416              Development Throughout Adulthood   

HD FS 446                                   Programs and Services in Gerontology        

HD FS 447                                  Current Issues in Gerontology  

KINES 481W                               Scientific Basis of Exercise for Older Adults

NURS 464 (US;IL)                       Dying and Death 

NUTR 451                                    Nutrition throughout the Life Cycle

NUTR 456 (US)                           Community Nutrition

R SOC 497                                  Special Topics

SOC 023 (GS)                             Population and Policy Issues

SOC 423                                     Social Demography


NOTE: Not all courses are offered at the DuBois Campus.  Students may enroll in special topics courses (297, 497) that focus on aging or old age, with faculty permission. With faculty approval, students may also write a senior thesis focused on an issue of aging. 

ENROLLING: Enrollment in the Gerontology Minor is open to all baccalaureate students. For details, contact your academic advisor, call the Admissions office at 1-800-346-ROAR, or contact Dr. James Kuterbach, program coordinator, at (814) 375-4852.