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Spatial Analysis and Engineering Design

This 7 credit certificate provides innovative instruction about the application of new design methods and processes in a variety of engineering disciplines.  The certificate emphasizes how to use CAD software to create concise drawings to develop an effective design system to provide solutions for specific products, systems, components, or services.

Required Courses

EDSGN 100 Introduction to Engineering Design (3 credits) Introduction to engineering design processes, methods, and decision making using team design projects; design communication methods including graphic, verbal, and written.

EDSGN 110 Spatial Analysis in Engineering Design (2 credits) Spatial analysis techniques using advanced computer-aided drafting and design systems, with an emphasis on engineering concepts, analysis and design. Prerequisite: EDSGN 100

EDSGN 210 Tolerancing and Spatial Models (2 credits) Tolerances; form and size; unilateral, bilateral, and symmetric; form control, critical fits, tolerances specifications precedence; applications in spatial models. Prerequisite: EDSGN 110 

*Students are required to complete any prerequisites as stated in the course description published in the Baccalaureate or Associate Degree Programs Bulletin.