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Now offered at the DuBois Campus, the Intercollege Minor in Sustainability Leadership allows students in any major to incorporate sustainability as a significant theme in their undergraduate degree program. Through a combination of coursework and immersive experiences in sustainability, students develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to become sustainability leaders in their respective fields.  

A wide variety of courses from across the university are eligible for inclusion in the Sustainability Leadership Minor. Applicants to the minor must have declared their major and they must present a proposed plan of study for the minor. The proposed plan of study must be approved by both the student’s major faculty advisor and the coordinator of the minor. No more than nine credits from a student's major requirements may be applied toward the minor. A grade of C of higher is required for all courses in the minor.

The following courses are available at the Penn State DuBois Campus:

Prescribed Course (3 credits):

SUST 200 Foundations of Leadership in Sustainability

Sustainability Focused Courses (6-9 credits required):

(Concentrate on environmental, economic and social aspects of sustainability; OR examine issues or topics using sustainability as a lens.)

EARTH 111  Water, Science and Society

EM SC 121  Minerals and Society

FORT 150    Field Dendrology

FORT 160   Silvicultural Practices

GEOG 030  Geographic Perspectives on Sustainability

GEOSC 303  Environmental Geology

GEOG 412W  Climate Change and Variability

GEOG 430  Human-Environment Interactions

MATH 033  Mathematics of Sustainability

Sustainability Related Courses (0-3 credits):

(Provide distinct modules on sustainability or concentrate on a single sustainability principle.)

BIOSC 003  Environmental Science

EDSGN 100  Engineering Design

ENGL 180   Literature and Nature

ENGL 424   Creative Writing and the Natural World

GEOSC 001  Physical Geology

GEOSC 412  Water Resources Geochemistry

GEOSC 418  Soil and Environmental Geochemistry

GEOSC 452  Hydrogeology

GEOSC 483  Environmental Geophysics

METEO 003  Introductory Meteorology

MGMT 321  Motivation and Leadership

MGMT 401  Current Issues in Management

MKTG 342  Marketing Research

RSOC 305W  Leadership for Social Change

SOILS 101  Introductory Soil Science

At least one course (other than SUST 200) must be a leadership focused course:

Examples: Policy 305 Leadership Studies; Phil 119 Ethical Leadership; RSoc 305W Leadership for Social Change; Bio 251 Peer Leadership in Biology.

Capstone Project or Independent Study (3 credits at 400-level)

*Class list updated as of 5/20/13

Center for Sustainability & Contact

Penn State Center for Sustainability

For the full description, requirements and how to apply to the minor, click here for the Minor in Sustainability Leadership webpage

Faculty Contact at Penn State DuBois

Dr. Debra Straussfogel
Associate Professor of Geography
232 Swift Building
Penn State DuBois
DuBois, PA 15801 
Phone: 814-375-4819
dls11@psu.edu e-mail