Penn State's 2+2 Plan at the DuBois Campus

Penn State's 2+2 Plan at the DuBois Campus

Start and Finish here, or Finish Anywhere at Penn State

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Many students who begin their studies at Penn State are part of the "2+2 Plan," studying at a Commonwealth campus for the start of their college career, commonly for two years or some for a few semesters, and then complete their remaining work at University Park or another campus that offers their major.

Students can begin their Penn State education at any one of 20 undergraduate campuses across Pennsylvania! Each campus offers a unique environment for learning, taking advantage of both the small-college atmosphere and the vast resources of Penn State in one package.  The same high quality, world-renowned education is available in your backyard here in DuBois, PA!

Start and Finish at DuBois, Or Finish at University Park or Any Penn State Campus

Some students choose to remain at one campus for all four years, while other students spend their first two years or few semesters at one campus and transition to another for the remainder to finish their degree. To transition between campuses, the only requirement is that you meet the entrance to major requirements for your selected major. The vast majority of our majors can be completed in this fashion. It’s the most common path to a Penn State degree--about 60% of Penn State students opt for this path in a typical year.

Related degrees and tracks to consider at Penn State DuBois, or to complete at another campus: 2+2 Plan:

  • options in Wildlife Technology with a 3+1 plan or continue to University Park to earn the B.S. in Wildlife Fisheries Sciences;
  • start your Nursing degree at Penn State DuBois

The 2+2 Plan has many advantages:

  • For some students, the transition from high school to college is made smoother by attending another campus other than University Park, especially one close to your home where you could save money from housing costs and fees.
  • Getting to know the differences between a high school and college classroom environment, instructor expectations, and even the way technology is used in learning can be less daunting.
  • For others, opportunities for involvement in campus life activities, getting to meet new people, and taking on leadership roles in student organizations are still possible at every Penn State campus.
  • Students also report establishing productive and lasting working relationships with our faculty and professors at every campus.

Students choose this path for many reasons; some for the chance to stay close to home, others to save money. Still others are looking for a particular campus environment, perhaps smaller classes or particular sports. Whatever their reason and wherever their campus, they are excited to embark on their Penn State experience.

Your degree says "Penn State"

No matter where you start your Penn State education, whether it's at Penn State DuBois or another campus, and you finish your degree at that same campus, complete it at another campus through the "2+2 Plan", or spend it entirely at University Park, your degree says "Penn State". Penn State isn’t a single place; we are a multi-campus University and the quality of education does not change between geographic and digital locations.

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